Living during this unprecedented time is really hard and stressful for us younger students. We have never experienced an online class before COVID-19. During this term, I have learned a lot about myself as a reader. As a reader, I found out that I’m into fictional stories,Literature, etc. As a writer, I understand the feeling toward writing when an author’s writing is really amazing. In writing you get to express how you feel what you are thinking and in a blind way of communicating with your writer. These feelings make you wanna write more and let people explore what you have in your mind. In this semester I got to improve my writing skills and my grammars and ways to target my audience and make them understand my perspective. Not only that in this term I got to learn new ways to write and use sources and how to keep my reader interested in my text. This semester I started to read more books than I was reading before. I slowly figured out that I love reading but I just never tried. The work I did early in the semester was lighter than the work I’m doing. Well, there are few ways to contrast my work. One way would be in the early semester. I wouldn’t think so much about my work because it was pretty light and there isn’t much work to do. As of now, whenever I have an  assignment it takes a lot of time to put it all together and I have to do a lot of research etc to finish up my assignment. In a simple way, the work got heavier and it takes more time and thinking to do it now than before. My favorite assignment would be in unit 1-Education. It’s my favorite assignment because in this unit we got to talk about education and ways we can change it. We also got to talk about our personal experience with school and things that shaped our perspective toward school. In this unit we got to open up about how we feel toward school and things that we went through. Also another one of my favorite assignments would be in unit 3. It’s my most favorite because we got to choose our own topic and talk about it. These are the topics that we needed to address and find a solution for it and answer to your curiosity. I always was curious about police brutality and this topic helped me to find my answer to it and ways to improve this matter. Assignments aren’t just work that you complete and submit it. Every assignment teaches you something and gives you new ideas