Class Four Classwork and Homework


From here on out, you will drop all homework into your folder on Dropbox. I will check your email on Friday afternoons.

Class Folder on Dropbox

  • Files for today, please download.
  • CSS in depth
    • The Box Model
    • Classes and IDs
    • Positioning (Introduction to floats)
  • Optimizing Images: jpegs, gifs, and pngs
  • Color on the web
  • Review sitemaps and wire frames
  • Go over the basic format/form of the gallery we will use in this class


  • Pencil sketches of your proposed look and feel
  • Continue adding content to your site in terms of text, refine your IA
  • Study for next week’s quiz
    • Filepaths
    • Links
    • Adding images
    • Basic CSS
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