Homework #4: Robert Frank’s America-LAST HW

Robert Frank was one of the greatest photographer who didn’t get enough credit for his most important work “The American”. This book was one of the most important book in the 20th century. This book included 83 photos edited down from 27,000 photographs, revealed another side of American society which was very different from how Americans were used to seeing their country. The book was very controversial which had photos where Americans looked bleak, bored and did not include the typical photos of prideful and happy Americans. Franks photographs were still artistic but in a different way showing people the reality rather than presenting photos to benefits the political aspects. Frank had many more interesting photos which was not included in the book “The Americans”. Later on an exhibition took place at the Cantor Art Center by curator Peter Glassy where he showcased unique photos of Robert Frank which was never shown before. Peter Glassy organized the photos by theme which included ordinary people, religion, politics and many more. He also included photos in the exhibition which showed color racism which was never published.

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