Nimesh – HW #3: Color, Food Photography, and Instagram

There are different types of photography that are pleasant to us and one of them is food Photography. For food lovers like me, some people like to spend money on trying out different restaurants and cuisines. And, the first thing we do is think about social media and post the pictures of food on Instagram or Snapchat. Online platforms also have options for food bloggers to post their work regarding that aspect to help the public. Social media is the space where both owners of restaurants and chefs get to present their problem to catch the public’s eye. Food photography is seen as a type of art because just like anything else we put the same effort in presenting the food in a manner that suits our eyes. Not only does it revolve around aesthetics but it’s useful in a sense that it inspires every parent to go out of their way to make a special lunch or dinner happen. It can also be used as an advertisement because of how we, food lovers get tempted and want to try restaurants because of the photography based on how delicious it looks. It also gives an inside for different cultures and varieties of cuisines around the world that we haven’t tried yet. Through the form of photography, we could at least share the main essence of our culture which is food.

I love flan so around the holidays my family tends to make a lot of flan.

Image result for flan


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