1. Robert Frank was born on November 9, 1924 is a Swiss-American photographer and documentary filmmaker. His work known as a  book titled The Americans. His photography was very important that he captured ordinary. As a photographer he want to see who the outsider see America. His work it was artistic and political at the same time because he want to capture the everyday life of the Americans. His work was incredible. After wwll and before the civil war. Segregation in America was a exist and as of photographer who were from swiss he never thought that these problems exist in The United. One of the photos that was taking by him the black babysitters lady holding a white baby girl. Who did the mother left her baby with the black lady if she are afraid from her. most of his photos is with flag of America and some with a people that were protesting. He took so much photo and only 83 that he used in his book which called the Americans. Robert Frank when he moved to America he never thought about the skin color and race. That black People should be segregated. His work was inspired for the outsiders how they really see Americans. because those photos did not only capture the ordinary life of Americans but also society as a whole.
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