HW #3

I don’t have a picture of any food because I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But as for food photography In my opinion food photography as a whole is so important not just for us as consumers who always need something new to try and wanna keep expanding our horizons, it is also good for business for the restaurants. Once you post a picture or a certain food item and let the people know where you got it from, considering on your followers more and more people would see and if it looks attractive and appealing, people would be willing to go and try. A perfect example of this would be the Thai roll ice cream where they just pour liquid on a cold metal and it eventually turns to solid. I started seeing videos of people making it and the whole process on Facebook around 2 years ago , and within months it took of. People were going crazy for it, and it wasn’t even the ice cream flavours it self, it was more about the process of creation and how they were in rolls instead of in traditional scoops, and  people are always willing to try something new and different even if it there are only slight changes. I agree about her opinion on Instagram food bloggers, that an amateur food photographer would be better fit for the job compared to a professional food photographer. The photographs would look more authentic and compare to one that a professional would take, he would mostly just focus on the plate and the food itself.

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