Adam Ahmed : Food and coffee in the civil war

The civil war era hardtack it was the army’s primary cracker. For both the North and the South. The army use to love that kind of stuff because it was very simple to made and inexpensive to produce it only require salt, flour and water. It not the solider diet this is a war you can’t type expensive foods. Because they always in the move and the only food that can last longer is the hardtack. The hardtack is very nutritious and last for so many years. Long lasting food was very important for the military because the armies always on the move. The soldiers didn’t care about how long does it take the hardtack to reach them the matter is how long it will storage at the bakery. The soldiers use to face so many difficulties because so of the hardtack could get moldy. This wasn’t the issue the live of the soldiers were very rough because some of them couldn’t survive because they’re not enough food that will keep them a wake. Soldiers body is very weak because their is No nutrition in their diet. The second primary source for the soldiers to keep them worms and awake is the coffee. Soldiers used coffee to dip their crackers to make it smooth to chew. It’s very hard for the soldiers to get ride off each of these because these the only two types of source left for the soldiers to win the war


For me I don’t drink coffee because it contains a lot of Caffeine that can keep you awake that’s what you mind think but if you have stomachache it can cause a lot of problems I don’t think coffee is very important to survive. The most important substance in this life is water because it contains hydrogen and oxygen these two bounds help the body to function. Water very important for the cell tissues and orange the water help our body to function. Water is the reason for us to survive and to exist. Water for me is the main reason for us to survive.


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  1. Nisreen says:

    You are right the water is the most important thing because the body can go on for days without food but cannot last as long without water. But we just take water for granted.
    When I have to fast a whole day it’s not the food I need, it’s the water and thirst that make the fasting harder.

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