HW 1: Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

Social media give every individual the opportunity to express their emotion and see what other are going though.  It also help keep record of their everyday life, if they choose to share their opinions with the public.  One of the most popular social media of this century is Instagram, it allows the people to express their self being able to post memorable quotes and photos. Photo can have many purposes, to help show other your point of view, hidden messages, and so much more. In the mid 1800s, people believe photographs held the truth because it capture what happen it the moment. Photographs suggest the truth because it could not exaggerate what actually happened unlike the artist for the new paper.  Photographs allow people to capture what the believe is the truth. Selfies are similar somewhat to photographs in the aspect of capturing the truth. However, just like in photograph, people pose and show the little part of their truth to the world. The photographer Cindy Sherman said “It seems so vulgar to me,” but she used her selfies to express herself without a care of what other thought of them because they were what she wanted. Selfies can only express the individual thoughts and emotion they choose, no one can change who you are the same way no one can change how you take your selfies.

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