HW 1: Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

Instagram definitely has been the most dominant platform for the people to share their artistic and creative side by uploading their favorite photo or selfie. So I definitely consider photography art, but as for selfies alone, I don’t know what approach I have on it. I’ve seen some really thought out and creative selfies that makes you look and think that the person really put effort into capturing the perfect selfie that they wanted, whether it be the angle or the light or the location.  And there are selfies that you just take if you’re bored or just feeling cute and want to capture the moment before it disappears. So selfies and photography in general is art in a sense that just because some photos aren’t as good as the other ones doesn’t mean that it’s not art. There can be a painting of nothing but random words and just because its rubbish or not pleasing doesn’t mean it’s not art. So in my opinion the same would apply to photography. Just like Cindy Sherman, she expresses her creative side by sharing her weird/ artsy pictures with the world.  In the article the author talks about how social media has made sharing information, pictures and moments so easy and convenient that it has set the standard for upcoming artist that wants to expand their brand and use that as a stepping tool to gain attention and make the world see their art up.

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