Restaurant Waiting Number Display by Group#09 (Tsz Fai Lee and Ying Huang)


20 thoughts on “Project#09

  1. Adam Forbes

    I like the schematic. The VHDL code was really good. Using the 7-segment displays to display a number in order and applying it to giving ticket numbers in restaurants. Good idea. Overall, good presentation

  2. IsmaelN.

    Another great idea and useful ; who never makes a line at a restaurant?Good job .But please for next time use at least 3 “7-segment “to display a bigger number, because I believe that this system will interest mostly bigger restaurant .They don’t have only 10 persons waiting line !

  3. Clara

    I like how this could actually be applied in the real world. It was a bit more simplistic than the rest of the project, but then again not everything has to be complicated to be innovative. Good job!

  4. George Cheng

    The presentation was decent. As for the project, it should be modified so that you don’t have to use the switch, but instead use to separate buttons, one for incrementing and the other for decrementing. Another modification is to use the switches to choose how much to increment/decrement by.


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