Displaying and Shifting Names by Group#04 (Saimir Hoxha and Vincent Fung)


19 thoughts on “Project#04

  1. IsmaelN.

    I was wondering why you said that your project doesn’t have a name; I think that is does , isn’t it “DISPLAYING SAIMIR VINCENT ” ? Anyway I liked your creativity in coming up with a way to use the 2 7-segments to display the letter M. It was clearly presented. We took away another idea of displaying.Thanks guys.

  2. George Cheng

    Presentation was done fairly well. The coding portion for the 7-segment display is very long, it can be shortened by at least 1/4 by just implementing arrays. Besides that, the idea of using different speeds for the clock from the generator is great.

  3. EJB

    Break up the code into more than one slide if it is too long and take important parts from it that are more likely to be explained instead of the whole thing.


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