Display “HELLO” by Group#10 (Samuel Addo and Osasere Osayande)


20 thoughts on “Project#10

  1. Lee

    Man if only Sam would slow it down a little as the presentation went a bit too fast but i like how you have multiple videos showing that the program could have different types of controls manually. Cool presentation.

  2. Clara

    This project kinda threw me off because you guys put each switch to have the letters of ‘HELLO’, I think. I mean, I got what you did, but I found myself asking why you did that. It could have run better on a clock, I suggest.

  3. ying

    Skipping too much stuff, that’s not good on presentation because you didn’t explain most of the stuff. It a good idea that letter can setup manually.

  4. George Cheng

    Presentation was very entertaining. The project was missing the clock, and instead it was controlled manually through switches. It was okay, but try to implement the clock.


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