Rolling Display by Group#03 (George Chen and Alexander Barbaran)


21 thoughts on “Project#03

  1. Adam Forbes

    I like the schematic. I like the VHDL code as well. I like the idea of displaying you are the best. Also, having the word best blink three times after the whole sentence was very good Good presentation overall

  2. Lee

    Very creative idea of setting up the blinking at certain point and putting up the sound file. Hopefully you guys can make this happen for your future implementation. Good presentation.

  3. IsmaelN.

    The only thing we were promised and didn’t get is the word BEST blinking 3 times,and the music. Otherwise we could tell that you put a lot of work on the project an the ambition is there. Good presentation with great sens of humor.

  4. Clara

    I liked how you made your message flash for a while before moving on to the next letter. That’s good for people who were to see that sort of thing as an ad display in the city. And you guys were funny too. Good job!

  5. ying

    Great project but not well prepared. If can’t get what you want try to get something close but not leave it blank. For the 7-segment, the letter display not looking good, change the letter of display will be better.

  6. EJB

    Very clearly spoken. Comments in code were nicely used, making it easier for audience to understand and follow your explanation for it.


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