Word Shifting by Group#02 (Moises Bustamante and Julio Tax)


20 thoughts on “Project#02

  1. Adam Forbes

    I like the schematic. Developing your own clock signal so the shifts can take place from 7-segment display to the next is really good. I like the VHDL code as well. I like the idea of displaying both names. Good presentation overall

  2. Saimir Hoxha

    There was no need for such a long conclusion it was pulling my attention away and the black background was hard to see

  3. Clara

    Your presentation was kinda all over the place, but your project was pretty cool. And you found a way to display the letter ‘M’ with no problem. That’s a great example of improvising if I’ve ever seen one. Good job guys!

  4. George Cheng

    I agree with Saimir, I also thought that the conclusion was way too long and I thought that the presentation wasn’t equally presented. As for the coding, it can be made simpler with the use of arrays. Since the word being shifted is preset, you can enter bytes used for each letter into an array for the hex, then just roll the array elements.

  5. EJB

    Adding comments in reference to the vhdl code when explaining it would have helped understand it. Try to eliminate reading too much from the slides.


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