In-class Prezi

With the in-class assignment, our only problem was the time constraint. Gaining a firm grasp of the material and planning consumed the majority of our time. But after we discussed how we’d present it, we knew exactly what the Prezi tiles would include. One thing that served as a very minor drawback was that our originally assigned 3rd group member didn’t make it to class. However, our new member was completely up-to-speed in under 10mins. We found it easy to present our views mostly because we could agree with the material of some of the articles we discussed. Half of them were pro-manufacturing and combatted the very issues that the antagonists brought up. Another aspect that made the process fairly simple was the plethora of available visuals for our topic – the U.S. manufacturing tech. We gathered a few pictures, but just didn’t have the time to put it all together the way we had planned.

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