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As kids we all want pets because when your a kid, your consider to be cool to have a pet because you have someone to play with all the time and you feel like an adult because its your pet … Continue reading

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I found this very story very confusing because of so many characters. I started to understand it when i read it again and ask my fellow classmates questions about it. It was sort of interesting when i was reading this … Continue reading

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Passing was a very interesting story. Passing can be use as an example in todays society. I see many people pass as different nationalities or only tell half their nationality because they are embaressing of where they come from. This … Continue reading

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Desiree’s baby

Wow…’s funny how this short story can still be used till today. I was confused while reading it and had to read it again to understand itI river all I enjoyed reading it

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Wife of Bath’s

HOLY MOLEY! I forgot how long her prologue was. Now I know why I never was interested in the Canterbury Tales. My senior year of high school I had to read everyone’s prolouges and it was so boring that i … Continue reading

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Tania’s Introduction

Hey my name is Tania, I’m in my fourth year here in City Tech, but I still have much more class to complete before I can graduate. I’m majoring Graphic Designing and Advertising. I want to work in a magazine business … Continue reading

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