Tania’s Introduction

Hey my name is Tania, I’m in my fourth year here in City Tech, but I still have much more class to complete before I can graduate. I’m majoring Graphic Designing and Advertising. I want to work in a magazine business and work on layouts and editing photos and make the celebirties look “better”. Hahaha. I’m turning 21 in couple days and I’m super excited. I play sports, softball, football, volleyball, basketball, and I also watch sports, baseball, football, hockey (Mets, Giants, Rangers fan).  I used to play a lot but now I rarely do because of injury of my ankle. I play video games too. I’ve always been a fan of RPG games, fighting games, first person shooter games. I used to have xbox 360 and was really great at it but then college came and took over my life haha. Now when I have free time I like to go to sports games with my boyfriend and go out with family and friends and have fun. What I’m looking forward to this semester in this class is how to analize when reading. I tend to read quick before I can know whats going on. I litterally have to stop myself sometimes because I read so fast.

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