Paper 3 Brainstorming

Compare contrast Irene and Clare’s friendship with Nel and Sula’s.

Compare contrast the George’s role in Lennie’s death and Eva’s role in Plum’s death.

Discuss the ways that mothers interact with and express their feelings towards their children in Sula. You may consider actions they take that their children do not understand or are unaware of. You may compare this to maternal behaviors in Passing if you like.

Of Mice and Men, Passing, and Sula make significant use of death in their narratives. Why do the deaths of Lennie, Clare, and Sula serve as “solutions” to problems that other characters have? What does this say about the cultures and settings of the novels.

Discuss the impact of two minor characters in Sula. You may and compare and contrast with minor characters from Of Mice and Men and/or Passing. What influence to these periphery characters have on the major characters and plot development.

Nel and Sula are considered “doppelgangers”: narrative doubles. Consider the idea of who is “good” and who is “bad.” What does Morrison show through their bond and their differences? You may also discuss Clare and Irene as doppelgangers.

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