It is very believable that Sula became like her mother, a woman who likes to sleep around with other men. What did surprise me though was that she slept with Nel’s husband. I would have imagined that her friendship with her was a lot stronger then her sexual desires and fantasies. What could be going on through her mind that she wouldn’t realize that her friendship means more to her then men. Whatever pain she might be going through for losing a friend, she deserves. I feel like the birds symbolize the different deaths that involved Sula in her life. And when her grandmother said “I might have know them bird meant something…”(91)

Nel on the other hand is very hurt by this event. She is not so much hurt for having her husband be unfaithful as much as not having someone close to her, like Sula, to have to talk to about the situation. Although she lost both her husband and her “dear old friend” she wants to survive for her kids. I was not surprised Jude was unfaithful, there was something in me that said he would be. Who knows if he did it once maybe he had done it before in the past but with different woman, of course.

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