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Five article

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  1. Murfett, Malcolm. History Today. Dec2016. The Sinking of JAPAN.History Today 66 Issue 12, p20-27. 8p.


5 Articles

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  • Topol, E. (2013, July 12). How Technology Is Transforming Health Care. Retrieved from

5 articles that are in correlation with my major/interest CST

Motchan, B. (2017, June 01). Computer vision stress & strain: proper eyewear can reduce strain from heavy computer use. Retrieved September 07, 2017, from€tPosition=8&docId=GALE%7CA496622034&docType=Article&sort=Relevance&contentSegment=&prodId=ITOF&contentSet=GALE%7CA496622034&searchId=R1&userGroupName=cuny_nytc&inPS=true

Silk, R. (2017, June 12). IATA seeks security alternatives to fend off electronics ban. Retrieved September 07, 2017, from


Kamensky, J. (2017, March 09). Digging Out of the Digital Stone Age. Retrieved September 07, 2017, from€tPosition=51&docId=GALE%7CA484900365&docType=Article&sort=Relevance&contentSegment=&prodId=ITOF&contentSet=GALE%7CA484900365&searchId=R2&userGroupName=cuny_nytc&inPS=true


Craig, C. (2017, May 05). Congress joins the FCC to kill net neutrality. Retrieved September 07, 2017, from


East, C. M. (2017, June 25). Cyberattacks: who’s to blame? Retrieved September 07, 2017, from


500- Word Summary Bibliography

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5 Articles Wood Legoute

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500-Word Summary – Phase 1

For this assignment, you’ll summarize an article related to your major/career, and do it as a 500-word memo. Here’s the Format for 500 word summary

Phase 1 asks you to do the following:L

  • Using the library’s databases and journal holdings, find five articles that are related to your major/career interests. They should be recent and rigorous.
  • Using those five articles, create a memo that lists the bibliographic information of those articles in APA format. Follow this guide for periodical sources, “Articles in Journals,” Format your memo using the “heading element,” “opening element,” and “task elements” found in this guide: . Then list each article’s bibliographic information. Save this document (feel free to post it on Open Lab — to do that, create a post, then click the box “Summary-1” in the Categories menu, and hit Publish). Print and bring one copy to class.
  • Last, choose one of your articles that you would like to use for your 500-word summary assignment. Create a reverse outline of this article. The easiest way to do that is to read the first paragraph, then in your notebook, write a one-sentence summary of that paragraph in your own words. Then read the next paragraph, and skip a line in your notebook and write a one-sentence summary of that paragraph in your own words. Do this for each paragraph. As you write this reverse outline, identify the article’s argument/main point and identify the supporting evidence for the article’s argument/main point.