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Sustainable Urban Planning is one of the major keys to Reduce climate change effects. But how?

sustainable development goals

Sustainability from sea to the sky: Unexpected invention that can save the planet.


I will explain why it is important to create more space for greenery in cities and how to ensure that. Sustainable development and new innovations can reduce today’s different global challenges we are facing such as droughts, scarce of clean water, unbelievable heatwaves, scarcity of recourses and so on. Because by destroying nature we end up destroying ourselves. With sustainable development, we can fulfill our needs without compromising natural resources for the future. The goal of sustainable development is to harmonize the economy, society, and the environment.

Learning about Climate Change, Sustainability, and Systemic Solutions


This article illustrates different approaches to sustainability and the regeneration process. These processes will help us to build an environment-friendly economy, as well as satisfy our demands.  As human beings, we need to know about restoring balance to the natural system. Different systemic solutions can help us redefine the economy, business, weed out environmental problems, come out with different recycling methods, etc.

Sustainable city! Fully charged

A great example of a sustainable city is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They build highly cheaper and more efficient buildings to live in.


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