There aren’t a lot of specific assignments in this unit… let us know what you’re doing so other people can give you help (if you ask for it), do the project and deliver it, and write a Artist’s Statement about what you did to create it.

Here’s the daily schedule (plus video lectures, links, handouts, etc.) for this Unit. There’s also another copy of “How to write the Artist’s Statement” at the very end for your convenience. It’s a very important part of this Unit, so, even though I don’t think I mentioned it in the videos, pay attention to the handout and ask questions if you have them.

Fri July 30: Start the unit with the video lectures below. In the first one, I’ll talk about the assignment as a whole. In the second, I’ll talk specifically about how to make these projects — it’s brief so please text me if you want more information. There’s also a link to our Google Drive where you’ll find some examples from former students.

Video One: The assignment

Video 2: Links and suggestions:

Links on the Google Drive to some examples from former students.

EOD Sunday August 1: on the Padlet, post your idea/topic for your project. Be sure to put your name on it. You and I will create some genre support groups so that people who might be more experienced with a tool can help… or you can just give each other some feedback.

Monday August 2 – Thursday August 5: Work on your project. Lean on people in your support group for help and positive reinforcement!

EOD Friday August 6: Project uploaded in Google Drive folder labelled “Unit 3 Projects.” If you have trouble, let me know; there are other ways to submit them.

EOD Saturday August 7: Artist’s Statement uploaded in Google Drive folder labelled “Unit 3 Artists Statements.”

I also hope to create an optional class meeting so we can share these together on the last day (maybe). It’s a great way to end the term!

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