Jacquelyn Blain

Resources for Unit 2 Assignment

First resource- recounts amazon employees individual experiences working in the warehouse. This helps prove the harsh working conditions of amazon.


Second resource is from a podcast. Saagar Enjenti and Krystal Ball give an outline of all the wrongdoings from amazon. Saagar Enjeti and Krystal are political commentators. Krystal is a lieral democrat, while Saagar is a conservative republican. They come together to have a meaningful conversation and respect each other’s ideas and values.They are guests on the Joe rogan experience.



  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Good sources. I especially like the second one since it gives you a couple of different perspectives. As much as I dislike Joe Rogan, he does sometimes have good conversations.

  2. Racheal Peprah

    My first source is one year research on 33 subway stations in New York City by the New York Comptroller Scott Stringer and his team, to find out why NYC subway stations are so dirty.


    My second source is a statement the New York Gov. Cuomo made at a press conference in Albany. ” New York subway system is disgusting and deteriorating, orders cleaning plan.”


    These two sources provide real facts about the bad conditions at NYC subway stations which would be very useful for my article ” Why NYC Subway Stations are so Dirty”.

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