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Who am I, Introduction- Omar Faruk

Omar Faruk

Hi, I am Omar Faruk one of the new students of city tech college.  I came from Queensborough community college. From the QCC I finished the 2nd semester. It’s my third semester, my major is Mechanical Engineer. I took Mechanical engineering because I like to make different kinds of things since Childhood. Such as an electric light, electric Fan, and remote control car. From here a dream of mine was invented. That is, I want the creation of a system that will generate automatic current not only that but also that will be installed anywhere. I learned a lot from all these semesters. That is slowly taking me towards my goal. Like, I learned how to design SolidWorks. And I opened a Facebook page If you want you Can visit my page. You can see here I am design some product after finished the design I made 3d model.


One Of my recent work Bench

Everyone, Please pray for me so, that I can reach my goal.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    That is so fascinating. What wonderful pictures. And of course we’ll all be hoping you reach your goal!

    • Omar Faruk

      Thank you professor for giving me encouragement and courage. We will all move forward holding your hand. My parents say that the place of the teacher is after the parents, so we can never move forward without you. Thank you very much.

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