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Introduction – Shanzida Islam

My name is shanzida Islam. I am from Bangladesh and I moved to USA in 2016. I am a sophomore in Construction Management and Engineering Technology. I took this class because it is required to complete my Bachelors degree.

I have lot of hobbies like singing, cooking, watching science fiction movies, designing, crafting, home decoration, reading books, painting and traveling. I like to visit and explore new places. I want to go on a world tour when I get a chance. I have a pet named TAHA. He is a love bird. I love to spend time with him.



  1. Omar Faruk

    Nice to meet you, I’m also coming from Bangladesh. I wish you to reach your goal soon.

  2. Jacquelyn Blain

    Your bird is gorgeous! What an interesting friend to have. Do you know other people who have pet birds?

  3. Shanzida Islam

    Thank you professor. My cousins also have a pet bird. It is a wild macaw. She screams a lot when she encounters any outsider or sees anyone near her cage.

  4. Nazifa.M

    Hey. I’m also from Bangladesh. Your bird is very lovely. Wishing you all the best.

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