Jacquelyn Blain

Introduction- Natalie Mercado

Hello everyone my name is Natalie Mercado. I am a senior at The New York City College Of Technology. I am finishing up my bachelors in Human Services. Currently a full time educational assistant which is a fancy way of saying, Paraprofessional for the department of education. I work with children who have special needs. Teaching is my passion, and I truly enjoy working with kids. Making learning fun for them and providing a safe space. Always willing to help other in any way I can.

Finding balance!

Last night I did some brainstorming on how I wanted to introduce myself. What was important to me. That I could share with others, in a way to explain the type of person I am. Woke up with the idea of balance. Since I am working and going to school at the same time like many others in my class. I know it can get overwhelming for us. I feel it is necessary to find ways to get organized, but also finding time for self care.

Self care for me can be the smallest to the biggest things we do on a day to day basis. Things we can control and others we can’t. Going for a simple walk outside or watching a little television at least one a day. Doing things you like to do for urself is not selfish. I also enjoy meditating with music to calm me after of before a long day. Spending time with family and friends has always been extremely important to myself. Balancing my life in order to achieve my goals


  1. Shanzida Islam

    Hi Natalie ! human services is an interesting subject. My sister-in-law graduated this year in the same subject. I am really inspired reading your post. I always struggle to balance my time. I am a married woman. I need to take care my family, do house hold chores, cooking, cleaning everyday and a full time student. I feel like a mess. I would definitely make a daily routine for me. Because I take care everything neglecting myself. Thank you for the chart.

    • Natalie Mercado

      Yes I completely understand life gets extremely busy on a daily. I like your dedication to your family and the fact you are studying. With everything going on try to take out some time for yourself.

    • Natalie Mercado

      Your doing great. Balance is important, glad you liked my introduction.
      Appreciate the comment!

  2. Jacquelyn Blain

    Balance is so important, especially after the last 18 months we’ve all been through. That’s a lovely chart, as Shanzida says, and something I might just “steal” :-). I also wanted to say how much I admire people who are called to teach children with special needs — it’s truly a calling and not just a choice. Good for you!

    • Natalie Mercado

      No problem, it’s a great chart that stood out to me and can be helpful to others. I do agree it just came to me one day when I started working in the classroom… Thank you!

  3. Racheal Peprah

    Hi Natalie
    I enjoyed reading your introduction which we have something in common, helping students with special needs. Am a paraprofessional working with student with Autism, I love and enjoy helping them and even plan to practice my nursing career in special school. Balancing is very important tool in every individual if we want to be successful in this life.

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