What I know a lot about is the increase in gas prices; I have done a ton of research recently about why gas prices have increased drastically and continue to increase today. It’s a very interesting topic to discuss. Something I’m passionate about is coding or art. Coding and creating art is an everyday thing I do. There is art everywhere we go and code is used in every electronic we use. It’s amazing that with coding; you can create anything in a device. What I start to google when I have nothing better to do is questions I have or things I am curious about. For example, since I recently started going to the gym; I began to search the amount of calories the food I eat contains. It’s a good way to track how many calories I am consuming. Another example is, since I’m into coding I begin to search up for things people have already created in a video game to see an example of their code. I would go crazy if someone told me to stop eating pizza. I love pizza; probably eat it 3 times a week but still remain very light weighted. What makes me angry is when I see videos of innocent people getting robbed or assaulted and not able to defend themselves.