[Subject Line] Gas Prices Are Making People’s Pockets Hurt

[Paragraph 1/Hook] The increase of gas prices is making daily drivers’ pockets hurt. We might need to start jogging to work instead of driving in our nice comfy vehicles. Maybe those citi bikes thrown in the tree pits might be useful now. 

[Paragraph 2/Problem & possible solutions] Gas prices continue to increase every week. A few years ago gas prices were at $2-$3 a gallon; now it’s $5 a gallon in NY and $6 in California. A possible solution would be using public transportation to get around the city which will be way cheaper than buying gas. Another solution would be investing in an electric vehicle as the price to recharge your car battery doesn’t change and is cheaper.

[Paragraph 3/Audience appeal] Most people are probably questioning the reason why gas prices have increased. Some people might just take some guesses and blame random people who don’t have control over the outrageous prices. This article will give people information behind what makes up gas prices and how we can change it.  

[Why I’m the best person to write this] I myself have been and know people who have been affected by the increase in gas prices. I have gathered enough information to know how gas prices have increased drastically throughout the months.