[Subject Line] Why is the fashion industry now interested in NFTs and what exactly are they?

[Paragraph 1/Hook] Fashion shows now often use digital projections. After it became impossible for people to go to fashion shows, several companies turned to them as a thrilling substitute. Due to the fast-paced nature of the fashion business, however, what was once considered cutting-edge is quickly becoming outdated, necessitating an intelligent and timely rethinking of how creativity via digital innovation is implemented. Documentaries about the world of high fashion? Shops that provide both online and in-store purchases? Gaming? AR? If you have seen everything, I would like to present you to NFTs.

[Paragraph 2/Problem & possible solutions] This feature piece aims to introduce the NFT innovation to the fashion market in a way accessible to Elle Australia’s readership. Feature pieces are perfect for exploring a subject in more depth and with a more imaginative bent (Australian National University, n.d.). In addition, the inclusion of this feature piece on the Elle Australia website will bring in new visitors, ensure that the magazine’s digital version remains a valuable resource for its target audience, and perhaps inspire some of them to subscribe.

[Paragraph 3/Audience appeal] People living in Australia that are interested in fashion and style who visit the Elle Australia website; All genders, 26-55 years of age, Year 12 onwards education level. Most readers follow Elle Australia’s material online, and some may even have Elle Australia online subscriptions. Hence, it is safe to assume they are all acquainted with the brand and trust it as a credible fashion resource. Audience members are likely to be acquainted with fashion and maybe even the fashion business but will be unfamiliar with NFTs since they are more closely associated with technology than fashion. Without being prompted to do anything in particular, readers may choose to explore the rest of Elle Australia’s online content.

[Why I’m the best person to write this] I’m really into fashion and the idea of owning something digitally. I feel as if eventually in the near future, everyone will have or be owning something digitally. NFTs are the future itself.