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Feature Questions – Karla Huitron

I would like to write my feature article on climate change more specifically how it affects the ocean.

What I know about: I know climate change is impacted by garbage, weather, exploitation or natural resources and humans, etc. The ocean is getting warmer, plants and animals are being affected, and the garbage in the water also plays a role.

What I am passionate about: Im passionate about bringing awareness on the issue of climate change. I would like to focus on the ocean because I believe that we tend to forget how much our ocean impacts us even if we dont inhabit it.

What I start googling when I have nothing better to do: I sometimes Google how I can recycle my clothes without it going into the landfields, I look up makeup/skincare tips and looks, zodiacs, mental health.

I would go crazy if someone told me I had to stop doing: makeup, cooking pasta, drinking smoothies, writing poetry, watching movies

What makes me really angry is: government issues, people being rude for no reason

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    It’s good that you want to limit this to the ocean, but even THAT is a big topic. Is there an even smaller sub-topic? Maybe plastics (and the groups that are working to clean that up) or the reefs or the fishing industry? You may think 1400 words is a lot, but if it’s something you really care about, you’ll quickly figure out that you don’t have enough room! Think about it…

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