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Feature Questions-Iqra Khan

I know a lot about politics and scientifical discoveries. I always get overly excited whenever I learn something scientifically new. I’m very passionate about political movements. I am always looking up about new laws and legislations that are passed in different states and the relationships between different countries. Currently, I am always googling about the Israelian- Palestine issue and the abortion laws that are being passed. I find it so aggravating that their laws being implemented on people’s bodies .

I am going to write the feature article on how abortion laws are being implemented and the steps that are being taken to stop the formulations of such laws.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Good answers, but this is an ENORMOUS topic that you’ll need to narrow down. Who are you writing it for? The more well to do readers of The Times? College students? That should help you narrow it down a bit.

  2. Iqra Khan

    I’m not sure how I could narrow this down, so I ‘m planning on changing my topic. I plan to write about the journey of the Perseverance rover to mars which was a great accomplishment of NASA in 2020. My audience would be college students interest in space.

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