Jacquelyn Blain

Adrika’s Feature Questions

I’m passionate about art and design and the impact it has in our current society. I google constantly about design tips and techniques and my Instagram feed has been overrun by case studies and portfolios. Being a designer and a creator is a large part of my identity. I stopped developing my artistic ability and creativity after receiving a lot of pressure from friends, family, and my peers into believing it’s a dead end career. I thought STEM was the only way to go for a prosperous career and money in the bank but in doing so, I rejected a lot of what made me me. What makes me angry are the large amount of people who believe majoring in a creative field is useless and not income bearing. Its an outdated view especially in the age of the internet where everything we consume has been touched by the hands of a designer, from Apple products to silly little Instagram posts. Design is an integral part of our world and how we view it and when combined with proper marketing, good design has the potential to influence millions. My main audience would be future prospective designers, people looking to make a career change, or anyone who is interested in learning the impact of design on our world today.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Good for you! Have you heard about STEAM — STEM plus Art. No idea why I mentioned that, but it seems like a good possible career for some people. As I said on the Padlet, I wonder what your target publication is… But I do like this idea.

    • Adrika Hoque

      Thanks Professor! I would imagine I would see an article like this in a publication like VOX, probably in more of a video format than a written article.

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