Class Notes 12/10/15

  • Final Draft Presentations  due 12/15 by 2 pm
  • Final Draft Write up (25%) due 12/21 by 12 pm
  • Reflections (10%) due Mon 12/21 by 12 pm
  • Final course reflection due 12/17
  • Final Presentations (10%) : due Tu 12/15, 2pm 
    • post to our course site (categorize as “Final Project Presentations”)
    • in-class presentations on Tu 12/15 & Tu 12/17 (Those who are presenting on Thursday should not change their presentation after Tuesday)
    • If there is more you want to say in the presentation beyond the time limit, it may be mentioned afterward in the Q & A section.
    • Presentations should start with explaining what it is now and then the process.
    • Test if you are giving keynotes beforehand to make sure it works.
  • Final Course Reflection: due Th 12/17, start of class (must be done in a constructive and critical way. Extra credit will be given for those who complete the assignment according to the guidelines)
    • email file to Professor Belli before class
    • bring printed copy to class
  • Final Projects, final (graded) drafts: due M 12/21, 12pm
    • Create post on our Course Site (categorize as “Final Projects”) that includes an abstract of your project (~350 words), a link to the project write-up (& multimodal deliverables) on your ePortfolio site, a PDF of your write-up, the file (or link) to your presentation, and the file of your Project Reflection.




3 thoughts on “Class Notes 12/10/15

  1. Pam, the Write-Up and the Reflection (for the Final Projects), are both due at 12pm on M 12/21 (not 2pm, as you listed: please correct).

    All of this information is on the Schedule as well (the material you quoted at the end of your Class Notes).

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