Class Notes Tuesday, December 8th

Project Write Up/Portfolio

Key components include:

  • Synthesize all the work which is very different from compiling. Synthesize means to put together; make something out of all your different aspect/components. Compiling means to take all the parts you’ve done and putting them all in the same space (container) and therefore, they all belong together, forcing your readers to figure out what it all means.
  • Integration– putting things in meaningful conversation with each other ( narrative)
  • Framing happens in the intro, conclusion and abstract.
  • contextualization
  • “so what?” (significance): What is this project? Why does it matter? What did you find out?
  • narrative
  • product
  • revision/changes
  • document: stand alone
  • audience (what they need & in what order?)
  • research/ sources
  • affordances of platform (e-portfolio)
  • abstract
  • multimodal
  • organization

*The write up is not a research paper. It is a write up of YOUR project. From here on out, this is a revision process. Think of the write up as a portfolio. The goal is the multimedia text in the e-portfolio. 

Lay out your project according to what you did without saying, “in my first week I did this….”

Ask yourselves:

What is the purpose of your project?

Who is your audience?

What context should your readers be able to understand in your write up?

Your multimodal components of the project should be housed in your e-portfolio and should be mentioned in your write up. They should be a part of the text because they are a component of your project. YOU MUST HAVE LINKS in the text.

Seek a balance of both your sources and what you’ve done in the process of your project into the write up.

Sub pages in your e-portfolio is encouraged rather than thrown on one page with long lengths of texts.

More of the progress and process should be in the reflection, you should not regurgitate what is in your progress blogs into your reflection.

Next steps…

Presentations starting the beginning of class on Thursday, December 10th

As you talk around your presentation, make sure you hit up the key points. This is not a presentation of what you’ve done to date.




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