**Class notes**

Today and Moving Forward:

Customizing e-portfolio

Remember to:

  1. Tailor ‘about me’ section.
  2. Install plugins and widgets
  3. Choose theme that is targeted to your project
  4. Be mindful of your project and how it will be presented.

If you are having trouble:

  • Help page on OpenLab itself
  • e-portfolio help in G600
  • Email professor Belli


  • Check schedule for reading for next week *11/17*
  • NO RESPONSE BLOG for reading! – but reading must be done.
  • Speaker coming in so be prepared.
  • Start your e-portfolio work (bio, pages, etc.)
  • Reflection blog due about experience on E-PORTFOLIO (due Monday 11/16)
  • No formal presentations due on this reflection but you do need to be prepared to talk about it (coming up to smart board and walk us through)
  • ALL WORK MUST BE POSTED ON OUR SITE. (not on individual e-portfolio sites yet)
  • MLA formatting for annotated bibliography in ‘resource section’ of Open Lab course.

Due Monday 11/16:

  • Reflection about e-portfolio revamping
  • Annotated bibliography on 6 sources
  • Reflection about process of gathering research/ annotating at the end annotated bibliography **see schedule**








1 thought on “**Class notes**

  1. Thanks so much Mariah for posting these notes so quickly. Were you able to capture at all in your notes (perhaps elsewhere) our important discussion of the purpose of / expectations for the final project write-up (in response to Sam’s question)? That is super important, and it would be useful to provide a sense of that here in our class notes, if that’s possible. Thanks, in advance 🙂

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