Class Notes 11/3


  • Professor Belli will be away at a conference Thursday 11/5 (Professor Leston subbing)
  • Bring all books and materials to class on Thursday (working on final project)
  • Professor Belli’s office hours have changed, after this week there will be no office hours on Tuesdays 4-5 until 12/10 (contact her to set up meetings)

Upcoming due dates (HW)

  • 11/7 (Saturday) Proposals for the final project, ask for the feedback that you want! ALL BLOGS MUST BE ON TIME OR THEY WILL NOT BE RESPONDED TO!!
  • 11/9 (Monday) Response Blog, check the schedule for the prompt!!!!
  • 11/12(Thursday) Presentations, again check the schedule for the guidelines, will be based off of revisions and conversations with Professor Belli (hold off on creating those)

Notes on the Final Project

  • Theory and practice project, hands on, experimental
  • Make your proposal as clear and detailed as possible even if you’re unsure, get your ideas out there
  • Engage with the process but be open to change as your ideas develop and emerge
  • We will have multiple in class assignments and check ins
  • Be mindful of the questions in the Proposal
  • Be mindful of logistics and timing
  • Check the final project page (under assignments) for guidance and grading rubric

Class Discussion: Lebduska Article 

Overall we discussed images and how they were juxtaposed to portray Martin and Zimmerman.

Images can be used to manipulate points of views and arguments, think of how images of Martin in a “hollister” shirt were selected when they portrayed him as a victim, and images of him acting like a “typical teen” were used to portray him an as aggressor.

Culture plays a huge part of how we relate to an image, how we relate to it and how we respond to it.

(Page 6) “..images are not things” quote and how without our views, culture, political and social make an image is just an image but how we respond makes it relevant

(page 4) Pedagogy and media stereotypes

Jodie posed the question Can we retrain ourselves to see things differently

(page 5) Myopic lens, bias, the million hoodie march and how people stood in for a stereotype.

By marching in hoodies people of all different races broke the stigma attached to “the hoodie”








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