LinkedIn: Can You Recommend Me?

LinkedIn: Can You Recommend Me?

LinkedIn is considered to be one of the most important platform for being an professional with over 1,000,000 active users. For many professionals who seek credibility often times ask past co-workers, mentors or professors for recommendations.  Many users who have recommendations stand out to recruiters. It is very significant because professionals seek validation from past/current employers. Another community within the LinkedIn community is the group capability. Groups allow liked-minded professionals to join in on important discourse related to their fields or wherever their interests lie. In the presentation I pose the question do groups play a role in exclusion of certain users?  But at the same time recommendations and groups play an essential role in how you represent yourself.



To my surprise, I found Prezi to be difficult. The presentation software same seemed easy when I first set up the account even the introductory how it works presentation to be exhausting. It was very interesting trying out Prezi for the first time. I had no idea idea what template to choose so I chose the most basic one. While using the basis template of Prezi, it still went over my head. For one thing, the zoom feature is my least favorite, it goes up and down and I’m still getting used to the set up of the software. In a way, I can understand the popularity with Prezi, it does allow certain features that Powerpoint does not like the movability of it, the cool storytelling of it, redirecting of the arrows. I say this not to discount Powerpoint because of its simplistic, organic features. Most traditional businesses tend to use Powerpoint, I think several start-up companies would love Prezi.

It was a great experience to try a new software— pretty cool! I’d be very impressed if someone takes the capabilities of Powerpoint and Prezi and create a super presentation software but in the mean time I’ll stick to Powerpoint for now.



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