Class Notes 10/1/15

Today we continued our discussion on blogging.

Remember we can take class notes directly onto the OL post.

HW : Be on the look out for a class discussion posted about the Buzz.

Purpose of lighting talks: gets everyone talking and gives us experience and confidence.  Helps us to make good presentations. It is an important skill and we will do it almost every week.

Today’s Presentations:

Pamela: Newspapers to News Blogs

Jodi: A look at Millennial Discourse Communities

Ashley: Are Curls Slowly taking over the Blogsphere?

Samantha: Blog Presentation Hony

Mariah: The Non-Shady Post about a Shady Blog

Comments: The presentations were well done however, we must state why the topic was picked, define terms, talk more about the tools and how the site functions in site’s communities, use visuals, and bring in other examples.

Next week’s presentations topics:

Pamela: Facebook

Ashley: Instagram

Samantha: Twitter

Mariah: Tumblr

Jodi: LinkedIn

The blogs must be done in Prezi.  Presenters must also post a comment on their experience using Prezi.

Next week, we will also experiment with different types of software.



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