Class Notes – 9/3/15

Technology Determinism = A theory that society’s technology drives the development of its social structure and cultural values (technology determines who we are)

Two theories derived from technology determinism

Technology utopia = the perfect society (the more technology is increased, the better things are)

Technology dystopia = unpleasant society, typically a totalitarian or one ruling party (the more technology we have, the less clever we become.

Both concepts give too much to power to technology and not enough to other factors

Discussion points:

How can we really be ourselves if technology has so much influence on us?

Technology creates social identity

Code switching = switching from one state of being (persona) to another

Code meshing = bringing all states together

We can be who we want to be and technology can either help us to advance ourselves or hold us back

Take away = things are created because we have a need and as new things are created the need for more increase.  It’s what we do with the technology that matters.

Telos – (n): a predetermined endpoint.

Instant gratification:

Future things to be discussed:

How much impact does technology have on the economy?

Ideology – The idea of capitalism

Page 13: 1.2 The characteristics of new media

Quantified self – conceptual idea

Digital – data in the form of numerical digits/values of physical quantity

Analog – Involves a transfer of things

Algorithms – they structure the way information is given and are affected by setup and history of choices

Home Study

Page 21 (3 questions)

Study page 23 (4th paragraph)

Try to think about how these possibilities affect us.  

Class on Tuesday at 2 pm.


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