Notes:Tuesday, September 1st


Every Tuesday the class will meet at 2:00pm; Thursdays: TBA

Active Reading includes but is not limited to:


-looking up vocabulary

-reverse outlining in which you take sections and/or paragraphs at a time and

  1. State the point of the section/paragraph (state the claim)
  2. What it does “call to action”

-synthesize the main points

Mediated Me

What are tools?


-facilitates action

-extensions of people’s abilities e.g. pen, book, watch, car, shovel


  1. Linearity- The process of writing proceeds a start point to the end
  2. Pedantic- To teach excessively to the point of unimportant details
  3. Denotation (n.)- The literal meaning of a word
  4. Connotation (n.)- An idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning.
  5. Metanarrative- A “big story”
  6. Intangible(adj.)- Unable to be touched
  7. Reductively (adv.)- Reducing something to the point of over simplifying
  8. Naively (adv.)- A lack of judgment
  9. Recursive (adj.)- a way to describe a process
  10. Mediation- Intervention in a process or relationship
  11. Unbiased- Impartial
  12. Partial-  Biased; favoring a side
  13. Subjective- Biased; partial view of things
  14. Affordances- The types of possibilities a tool a device or tool comes with
  15. Synchrony- at the same time


Example of a tool: FaceTime

Affordance: Communicating over distance

Constraint: No independence, subjected to waiting on the FaceTime call

No physical sexual relations

Signals can affect words or sentences that may not have been heard

therefore, things may be misconstrued



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  1. Thanks so much Fola for putting these notes up. I know it’s always difficult to take the first shot at a task, and we really appreciate your volunteering to do our inaugural class notes! There was a bit more we covered in class than what’s here, especially towards the beginning (housekeeping / administrative stuff related to the syllabus, office hours, books, grading, blogging expectations) and the end of class discussion of “Mediated Me.” Could others help fill in the gaps here, by dropping comments with some additional notes / thoughts ideas from last Tuesday’s class? Many thanks 🙂

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