Ivan, Rene, Enrique, Iurii, ProgressReport 12.16.2014

Ivan, Iurii, Rene, Enrique

Progress Report#6

Prof. Belli



The week from 12/09/2014-12/16/2014 was a time period when we all have put our work together and really looked it once more as a full collection of the items we have done in past two months. During this week we mostly have tried to organize and reorganize every item in such way that it will be a write up/report of our final and finest quality.

Some of the highlights:


  • We have worked together to really make a write up as a sum up of our work. Synchronously during the meeting it took a lot of time to digest the suggestion from the professor and really implement them as well adding our own voices to the report. Nevertheless, we have worked separately as well to complete the work faster. Each of us has done researches and great amount of work.
  • We have as well collected all of the usability testing notes together and wrote an informative part on it about how the game was met in the “real world” playing condition with kids.
  • Ivan has provided an introduction and has put all of the content together and formatted it in the single coherent document, with all of the organisational and professional norms.
  • Enrique has written parts of the report about the game mechanics, it’s electrical base and researched to make our writing more accessible for people that are not familiar with the highest professional terms.
  • Rene has written all parts bout design and safety of the game. He researched to make the game build quality well crafted and as well make it not expensive and, most importantly, safe for children.
  • Iurii has been working on the annotated bibliography proper formatting and all of the citations and MLA formatting related activities. He as well has done a conclusion and wrapped everything up.
  • We all as well have worked on the presentation, which is also due. We have mainly edited previous presentation slides and included more up to date information and renovated data.


Overall the progress of this week was great. We have crafted our old materials and made everything coherent.