Ivan, Rene, Enrique, Iurii, Meeting Minutes 12.16.2014


Meeting minutes       12/12/2014

8:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Attendees (Skype)


Ivan Kelemen, Iurii Druchuk, Enrique Bisono, Rene Alcon



Ivan Kelemen




  • Discuss the final manuals
  • Talk about what we went over with, with the professor about the final write up
  • Talk about revising fun facts and question cards



  • The first order of business was to look over the final manuals and discuss them. We looked them over to see if they included everything we wanted in them. We went back and decided to add more information to the manuals because, the more you have for the teacher to work with the better.
  • Next we talked about what we went over with, with the professor during the group meeting. It was clear that we had to reorganize the essay and cut it into different parts. We decided on a new outline that included and intro, the two different aspects of the design, the hardware, the playtesting and a conclusion.
  • Lastly we talked about the final version of the facts and question cards. Once that was done we ended the meeting and went to work.





After a long meeting we ended at 10 PM