Meeting Minute 1—Tony, Samson, Goutam

Date: 11/14/2014

Start Time: 8:00 pm

End Time: 8:50 pm

Location: meeting called to order at 8:00 PM by Tony Chi, Skype.


Attendees: Tony Chi, Goutam Seepersaud, Samson Gong

Objective: To discuss further research, review our sources, and share ideas.

Work Assigned

  • Samson is going to be minute take for this week.
  • Goutam made the agenda to be discussion for this week online meeting

Last Meeting Conclusion

  • According to class discussion on sources, Tony decided to conduct more research on different areas
  • Samson suggested that we should not be only focus on technical side of the app but the market side of it as well.

Layout of App

  • Everyone agreed since the application would be iOS (Apple) we should stick to their theme and style (square icons).
  • Tony downloaded several college mobile app to his iphone  and compare the similarities and differences
  • Tony shows some awful mobile apps like John Jay College and Baruch College, also the good one like Queens College, MIT, and Stanford, etc.
  • Goutam suggested that we should add Gallery to the app.
  • Samson says he was thinking about adding food nearby function to the app, but it was disapproved because we will be stuck with technical issues which may end up wasting times.

Researches (Sources)

  • Goutam shared a link that shows how other mobile phone app survey conducted

Next Class Meeting

  • Tony will make a simple version prototype and have it ready for next class
  • Goutam will bring the survey and have it approve from Professor Belli
  • Samson will bring his research information to class


Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM

Minutes respectfully compiled and submitted by Samson Gong