Ivan, Rene, Iurii, Enrique minutes of meeting 1

11/16/2014 6:07 PM – 6:45 PM

Attendees (skype)

Ivan Kelemen, Rene Alcon, Iurii Druchuk, Enrique Bisono


Ivan Kelemen


  • Look over sketches
  • Discuss game rules
  • Talk about materials
  • Safety
  • Rene had some sketches drawn up of the design we will use for our project. Agreed on the sized based on a few things we discovered in our research, but then changed it with what felt the most comfortable. It took a while to get the right dimensions for it because we will be doing laser cutting to put the whole board together.
  • We decided to go with a very simple set of rules for the game. there will only be a few steps because we plan the game to be played by young kids. We had trouble deciding how the player sequence would be decided. Enrique suggested they roll and die and decide who goes based on the roll. However, Iurii commented that this would mean we had to include an extra thing inside the package and keep track of it. So in the end we decided to let the teacher choose or the kids figure out a way to choose themselves. We will also need to decided the final winning conditions. We have something that we think works well, but will need to be tested by others to see if there is a consensus.
  • Next talked about materials we will need. We started off by wanted to use a wood or a cardboard to make the shell of the game itself. The on top of the board we would paste an image of a circuit board. Ivan suggested we use a clear plastic, if possible, because it will let the kids see the inside of the board. We then agreed that this would be a lot more interesting than just an image. They would get to see how the actual game was put together.
  • Before we ended, we talked about some safety concerns that our classmates had. They were worried that because there was electricity that the kids who are played with the game could end up being victims of the game. We have already addressed these issues with the design of our game, but we over it again to make sure we were all okay with it. We will make an enclosed clear case for the game so they they can see all the components, but won’t be able to touch them. Other than touching the switch / button / whatever we decide for it to be they won’t be able to get to the other components. They will also have supervision from the teacher while playing.


We ended the meeting promptly at 6:45. Next time we meet we will talk about the game manual that will be directed at the teacher. The other things we will discuss will depend on what happens throughout the week.