Ivan, Rene, Enrique, Iurii Agenda – 11/18/2014

Ivan, Rene, Enrique, Iurii


Prof. Belli


The agenda for the meeting on week of 11/12/2014-11/19/2014


  1. Immediate discussions during the meeting:
  • Sketches
  • Talk about materials and tools;
  • Decide on dimensions of the game, overall look and design;
  • Safety issues;
  • Documentate everything in minutes and progress report;
  1. Needed discussions and actions for the next work:
  • Discuss game rules, instructions and deliverables;
  • Devise the topics of further research, for the next week;
  • Start the basic assembly process in the class to adjust all of the parts;
  • Brainstorm on future possible problems with assembly process, generate ideas to deal with the problems;