Introduction(My apologises for the late response)

Hello all, my name is Lian Williams. I born and raised in the West Indies of Trinidad and Tobago for a big part of my life and moved to America in 2002 where I know reside in Brooklyn. In terms of education, I attended Brooklyn Job Corps, where I acquired my GED and certification in culinary arts. I worked in the field for a while and decided I wanted to pursue something else and as I looked back on it, remembering seeing the commercials of Devry Institute of Technology on television, on computer technology, I decided that this school was for me since I was interested in computers altogether. At Devry, I received my Associates degree in Electronics and Computer technology, worked there as well as a part time worker in the IT department, then returned to study my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering technology where I completed certain amount of credits till I had to stop because of financial reasons. After I left Devry, I worked at BestBuy for a while in the computer sales department and then got a really good job working full time in an IT department at Sanford Brown Institute, then later switched to part time. Now, I attend CityTech where I’m studying Computer Systems Technology. For the things that I like is soccer(or football known to others), swimming and having fun with friends. I’m really cool once you get to know me and a few aspirations are to live comfortable within my means, have a career in computer programming and have fun overall. What I intend to learn from this course is to be able to use the right words when sending emails or professional letters.