Professor Joshua Belknap | Co Req ML | Spring 2022

Five Ws Group Activity

Look at the research topic/questions below with your group and discuss.

How might these be improved using the 5Ws (who, what, where, and when) method? How can these questions be narrowed down and made more specific. Formulate a more specific question from the more general question here. You will share with the class. Report specifically on how you narrowed the topic using the Ws.

  • Group 1: How does deportation affect families? (Tayef, Esmeralda)
  • Group 2: How does social media affect identity? (Carla, Laziza)
  • Group 3: What factors shape workplace satisfaction? (Aleksandra, Emely, Saufiana)
  • Group 4: Does being in a relationship affect students’ work? (Geovany, Adam)


  1. Laziza Naimova

    Group 2:
    Laziza Naimova and Carla Dormil

    How does Instagram affect teenagers’ individuality today?

    • Laziza Naimova

      We narrowed down our topic/question by using the five W’s.

    • Esmeralda Ensaldo

      Tayef, Esmeralda (Group 1)

      How does deportation affect families?

      who , what, where and when.

      Who? Latin families
      What? Latin families’ relationship
      Where? In the US
      When? Currently

      How is deportation in the USA negatively affecting Latin families’ relatives relationships?

  2. Aleksandra Patyra

    Group 3.
    (Aleksandra, Emely, Saufiana)

    What factors shape workplace satisfaction ?

    Who – office workers
    What – office adjustments to new requirements
    Where – Wall Street
    When – After Covid 19 pandemic
    Why – worker’s mental health

    How new adjustments shape workplace satisfaction after Covid 19 pandemic in Wall Street offices?

  3. Adam Bajwa

    Does being in a relationship affect students’ work?

    – Who: High school or college students
    – What: Affect in negative way, romantic relationship, casual dating
    – When: During study times
    – Where: High school, college
    – Why: it’s too distracting and cannot focus on their homework and their goals.

    Adam Bajwa

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