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The Five Research Ws: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Let’s brainstorm about our research questions again! I know we’ve done this already, but at the end of this brainstorm freewrite, you will provide a more specific, narrowed down research question, by thinking about (and addressing) the “five Ws”:

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Who? Describe the specific individual or population you are investigating.

What? Describe the specific element or aspect that directly impacts the who.

When? Is a time frame in which you might limit your investigation.

Where? Is a geographical location where you might focus.

Why? Addresses the reason or reasons that this investigation is important or meaningful.

After you’ve narrowed down your question, try to find a source related to that question. Are there specific academic journals related to your topic? Conduct a quick web search by entering your research question, either on a general search engine or on Google Scholar to locate a reliable research source.

We will discuss and look at some examples of narrowing down research topic/questions at the beginning of class, and then please post your answers to the above questions, with your beginning research question, and then your narrowed down, more specific research question, in the comment area here.


  1. Laziza Naimova

    1. I am going to investigate about those people who have experienced the conflict or confusiness between faith and science during the covid.
    2. The science and faith impacts people by either making them more religious or non-religious.
    3. I believe by investing only the sources that is relatable to my research question.
    4. I believe I might focus on newspapers, news and/or academic journal to find good sources.
    5. In my opinion, the study of how covid has affected people between faith and science is important and meaningful, because I believe that covid bought many people including me into religion and brought them closer to God, forcing them to seek help from God to end this terrible disease.

    My reaseach question: What has Covid done to heighten the tension in the struggle between faith and science?
    The source I found that is related to my reaseach question is, “Across Africa, COVID-19 heightens tension between faith and science”

    • Laziza Naimova

      The source I found that is related to my reaseach question is, “Across Africa, COVID-19 heightens tension between faith and science”
      MLA format: Lichtenstein, Amanda, Rosemary Ajayi, and Nwachukwu Egbunike. “Across Africa, Covid-19 heightens tension between faith and science.” (2020).

  2. Tayef Rahaman

    There are a few factors contributing to the increase, but the main reasons are the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the rise of inflation. Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, told USA TODAY last week that sanctions put on Russia by the U.S. and European Union severely hindered Russia’s ability to sell crude oil, one of the biggest determiners for gas prices. Because the country is one of the biggest energy suppliers, crude oil prices have dramatically risen. As national averages for a gallon of regular gas and diesel broke records in the United States this week, many are wondering how long the surge may continue and when prices at the pump will finally drop.The dramatic rise in cost has sent drivers into a frenzy; Gasbuddy, the popular fuel-savings app that gives users the cost of gas in their area, had its online services go down temporarily on Monday because of record-breaking traffic as people look for the cheapest place to fill up their tanks. As of Wednesday morning, the average cost for a gallon of gas in the country was $4.25, according to AAA. The price is up about 8 cents from Tuesday and more than 60 cents from last week.

  3. Aleksandra Patyra

    “How does oral health affect your whole body?”

    Who? – adults, dental/dental hygiene students/ teenagers
    What? – What is stopping people from regularly going to the dentist/ Overall health problems and how to prevent those problems
    When? – Recent times
    Where? – USA
    Why? – I think it is very important because everybody wants to feel better, have nice teeth and prevent bigger issues with overall health.

  4. Tayef Rahaman

    My QA Is
    When will the Russian and Ukraine war end? After that do you think gas prices will go down in the USA?

  5. Soufiana Togola


    ENG 1101–D105

    Deforestation Effects on Humans in the Brazil Amazon

    Deforestation affects the people and animals where trees are cut, as well as the wider world. Some 250 million people living in forest and savannah areas depend on them for subsistence and income—many of them among the world’s rural poor.As agriculturally based population density increases in and near forested areas, the strongest relationship between population growth and deforestation occurs, as local people and young migrant families arrive at the forest frontier and clear land to provide more area for subsistence farming

    But deforestation is having another worrisome effect too: an increase in the spread of life-threatening diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. For a host of ecological reasons, the loss of forest can act as an incubator for insect-borne and other infectious diseases that afflict humans.

    Global deforestation reached its peak in the 1980s. We lost 150 million hectares – an area half the size of India – during that decade.

    95% of global deforestation occurs in tropical countries. Brazil and Indonesia alone account for almost half. After long periods of forest clearance in the past, most of today’s richest countries are increasing tree cover through afforestation.

    Deforestation happens for many reasons, such as logging, agriculture, natural disasters, urbanization and mining. There are several ways to clear forest — burning and clear-cutting the land are two methods. Although deforestation occurs worldwide, it’s a particularly critical issue in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil.

  6. Adam Bajwa

    Who: For the people who are unaware of how our life has changed after modern technology.
    What: How has modern technology changed our life?
    When: Present time
    Where: All over the world
    Why: A lot of people are unaware of the technology so I want to raise awareness on this project

    Main question: How has modern technology changed our life?

  7. Sabina Akhi

    1. I am going to investigate those people who have experienced the conflict or confusedness between faith and narrative language and the American language.
    2. But native language and American language have another worrying effect: negative language in American language -is different That said, the best term to use in a given situation usually comes down to preference — not your personal preference, but the preference of the person you’re speaking with.
    3. I believe in investing only in the sources that are relatable to my research question.
    4. I believe I might focus on my own, experience.
    5. In my opinion, I am Struggles in my narrative language and American language. When I first came to America, I couldn’t speak English. I had a lot of trouble speaking my language and America. Because I believe I have learned a lot because of language problems in these two countries.

    My research question:
    Why is language so important in the indigenous community?
    How can we save the native language?
    What might cause a language to disappear?
    How does language affect culture?

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