Project #1: Final Portfolio

These are my process for project #1. I had many obstacles from the beginning, brainstorming wasn’t that hard however I could have done something better or maybe pick a different product. The process through brainstorming sketches was tough. I had a constant pause in the sketches if I did something similar. I wanted something unique and picked the Bing Bang clock from London and to signify my product, Queen Jubilee, I added a crown. The most difficult process was transferring the sketches to the watercolor board. Since my sketches contained very small details. My project process was mostly done digitally though AI=Adobe Illustrator. The most annoying part of this project was going over the constant lines with micro pens. However what I liked most of this project was a process of inking them. Even though my project had little parts that had inking, that is what I enjoyed the most.

I understand Yoko Shimizu’s interest in drawing because I love to draw characters from my favorite anime or manga but to me, my important visual signature is not to limit myself through the culture I am in. I do think that my signature can be related to what I love to illustrate but I believe that I get references from different places which can be incorporated for my skill and style in drawing.

Materials used: Pencils, AI, Transfer paper, watercolor board, Micro Pens (#02,#05), and Ink

Process 1: Brainstorming words that connecting to the product.
Process 2: Brainstorming sketches.
Process 3: Narrowing sketches.
Process #4: Finalizing sketch and voting from peers.
Process #5: Combining Sketches/Value studies
final-1 final-2
Process #6: Transferring
Process #7: Tracing and Inking
fullsizerender1 fullsizerender2
img_3925fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender
Actual 3D Tea model for the product