Interviewing Video Editing Project

This assignment was working on editing video on Adobe premiere. After listening to the lesson during my course in CDMG 1111, my mind could not compact all the information on the complex software in one day. I tried to watch YouTube video to help me work on it, however, it did not benefit me in pursuing to work on it. I remember my professor said that I can work on iMovie, mostly has the same function to the Premier, however, it was simpler and easy to understand. I really recommend using iMovie if you are a beginner and catching yourself lost in Adobe Premiere. I learned many things and can’t even explain in words on what we learned about Adobe Premiere, however, it will be easier if I show it. On other hands, using iMovie made me at ease to work on editing video. While I was working on Premiere, it was so frustrated that I wanted to punch the computer. After working on iMovie, it made me have confidence in editing video and felt accomplishment in what I haven’t learned before. The challenges on iMovie were I worked on it before re-editing to put more and music, I lost my file since I did not save it correctly. Another frustrated thing was how to lower the volume for the mp3 file. Even though it was also my first time using iMovie, I tried to search on the web and eventually found it myself while playing around the track. Realizing it that it was also similar to GarageBand. Lastly, the frustrated thing was how my video was 4 minutes when I recorded, however, due to human speech; impossible to not to say, “um” or “uh” since that person is not trained. My final video before editing was less than 1 minute. I used my unlearned skill on editing video and made it to at least 1:08. Which retouching made it 1:22. Even if the duration time seems shorter, when I watch this video I made feels like I am watching more than 1:22. I am happy that I get to have a chance to edit videos and making soundtrack in Garageband. This course made me push toward more to the future job that I want to pursue and I am happy that I get to be a part  of this community.

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